(reproduced from 1979 Brochure)

In 1934 a section was formed by a small band of enthusiasts and having accomplished that much were all set to make a name for themselves.

In their initial year Carlisle entered two teams in the Leinster League. By 1935, and with the old Greenville Hall as H.Q. the membership reached 100 players and more teams were entered in the various League Divisions.

The 1935-36 season saw Carlisle gain their first success in winning the National Team Championship – Junior Cup.

By 1937 there were 5 mens and 2 ladies teams. This was a highly successful year as they won both the Leinster League and Leinster Cup in Divisions III and IV as well as the National-Intermediate Cup.

In 1937-38 Carlisle were runners-up in the League 2nd Division and the first team also reached the final of the Leinster Senior Cup. Again in 1938-39 the club finished runners-up in the National Teams Championship and won the Intermediate Cup in 1939-40.

The ladies, not to be outdone, showed their ability by winning the Leinster Cup Division I in 1941-42

Among the many fine players at this time were Harry and Michael Collins, Hubert Wine and Bernard Bennett the Collins brothers and Hubert Wine represented Ireland and gained inter-provincial honours on several occasions. In 1939 Hubert Wine and Michael Collins won the Irish Open Doubles Tournament bringing much credit and glory not only to their own sporting achievement but also to the name Carlisle.

Through the ‘40s and ‘50s many other ‘stars’ carried the clubs colours. Among them were Alf Solomons, Leslie Vard, Frank Wine and Basil Byrne. Alf and Basil formed the backbone of this section for a good many years and helped a whole new generation to settle down. This was during the sixties and the new squad was ably led by Aubrey Woolfson with support from Stephen and Rodney Molins, Neville Kutner and Leslie Brown. By the seventies with no new blood coming along the section flagged and eventually both teams were withdrawn from League competition.

In the Atumn of ’79 a chance conversation between Anita Samuels and Jean Solomon led to the formation of a new and vibrant junior section. With the assistance of Henry Solomon as coach the juniors took off in style. They were shortly followed by two senior teams, both entered in the Leinster League. Once again familiar faces appeared, Aubrey Woolfson, Stephen and Rodney Molins and Neville Kutner organised the re-birth with new members Howard Collins, Phillip Baigel and Harvey Baigel.

The junior members in 1979 were: Lynzi Solomon, Adrienne Stein, Diane Jacobs, Michele Grossman, Erica Morris, Henry Segal, Theo Noyek, Ian Samuels, David Caplin, Graham Walters, Mark and Clive Restan and Michael Milofsky.

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