The Carlisle Lawn Tennis Club was formed in 1918. Accurate records are not available but certainly the memories of many members recall a very active section in those early days.

Foremost among an enthusiastic band were Dr. L. J. Tolkin, Dr. Nat Burstein, the brothers Martin and Siegfried Eliassoff. ‘Lulu’ Isaacson, Ernie Citron, Dr. Harry Tomkin, Dr. Jack Golding and Dr. Phil Price. They made up a formidable combination and won the League on many occasions. In those far off days tea was brewed over a primus stove. The ladies teams were strong in numbers also and names that are often recalled are, Annie and Beatte Weissberg, Sybil Sherowitz, ‘Gippy’ White, Doris Mushatt and Dora Levi.

Later on ‘Asher’ Simons took command of the section as secretary and led the teams out of a lean period. Those who played at the time claimed ‘Asher’ was one of the most outstanding officials in the history of the club.

Morry Noyek, another notable, had the reputation of a fiery serve and some reckonit was the strongest seen at Carlisle. A South African, Arnold Rose joined the club playing a splendid attacking game and adding extra colour to the tennis section. Another character was Hector Collins who probably tipped the scales at 15 stone. He was involved in a memorable game against No. 1 at Ballinteer. Hector losing the first set 6-0 won the next two sets 6-0, 6-0 – super tennis from a super player. In the forties the section thrived with the able support of Irving Gruber and Clem Esses, Stanley Stein, Morry Noyek, ‘Gwer’ Clein and Dr. L. J. Tolkin. In fact the last three mentioned had by now been playing tennis for Carlisle for almost 20 years. Among the ladies Rennie (Yodaiken) Feldman proved to be excellent player/captain and worked most conscientiously as Hon. Sec for many years. Myra Baker, the White sisters and Lena Issacson also played during this period.

During the late forties and early fifties a new crop of names appeared. George Albert, who won the East of Ireland open Singles handicap, led the way. Then there was Leslie Silverstone, Berk Citron, Arthur Barling, Julius and Max Isaacson, Cyril Albert, Sydney Jackson, Harold and Basil Davis, Malcolm Lamb, Noel Jameson, Henry Barron and Percy Isaacson. Among the ladies we had Siva Solomons, Hilda Bower and the Cowan sisters.

Brian Ellis who was a very gifted player brought new dash to Kimmage and the younger players stepped up their performances. The new names appearing on Carlisle League Teams were Henry Solomon, Sidney Jackson, Leslie Bernstein, Malcolm Alexander, Howard Jacobs, Cecil Weiner, Laurence Citron, Helen Roberts, Joan Jacobs, Adele Bloom, Anita Samuels, Avril Samuels, Rhoda Davis, H. Rivlin, Edith Jacobs, Marion (Silverstone) Miller, Stuart Barling, Joyce Davis, Shirley Morris and Terry Samuels.

In 1959 the ladies team won the cup – the first and only time. Juliet Shenkman (Eppel) captained the team and along with Siva Solomons they continued to inspire the younger members. In the meantime some of the male veterans were still playing. Special mention must be made of Leslie Silverstone who played for many years and in 1961 as captain of the team were League Finalists, the other players were Henry Solomon, Hubie Isaacson, Stuart Barling, Howard Jacobs and Cecil Weiner.

During the seventies the club had a lean time. Hard Courts finally arrived in the early 1980’s.

Once the Hard Courts were installed, regular Tennis became a feature once again at Dublin Maccabi. Organised by Hilda Solomons & Martin Jackson Thursday night tournaments were run regularly throughout both Summer & Winter (under floodlights) and were a great success. These were often followed by Tea & Prize Giving evenings which were well supported.

Men’s teams re-entered some of the leagues – mostly the over 45’s and with our number one player Joe Ilan playing a part of these teams success came in the form of Section D winner & League Semi-Finalists in 1986, Senior over 45 Runner-Up Class II in 1996 & Senior over 45  Winners of Class V in 1998.

In 1995 the club hosted an Invitational Mixed Doubles Tournament, ably organised by Hilda Solomons, the team participating were: Templeogue, Rathgar, Carrickmines, De Vesci, Riverview, Sutton, Carlisle and County Wicklow.

When Maccabi was finally sold in 1999 some of the die-hards continued to play League Tennis in Riverview they included: Martin Jackson, Joe Ilan, Alan Shaper, Rodney Molins, Stephen Molins, Richard Bell, P.S. White, Davy Solomons & Henry Solomon.


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